Favela, an enigmatic place that triggers curiosity in many tourists, a phenomenon that amazes by its diversity, revealing a unique colorful scenario. In Rio de Janeiro, different from other Brazilian regions, everybody lives in the same postcard. The city mixing happens on the same space: rich, poor, celebrities and personalities, all live with its differences under the splendor of a charming nature. The geographical features of the city as urban hills and mountains were occupied by communities that use to self legislate for themselves, with its own laws and traditions. These areas are now cellars of creativity and innovation, having in Rio’s Carnival its biggest cultural identity expression, a popular manifestation that breaks barriers such as creed, race, religion and sex.

With the pacification process, some favelas have become more accessible places, such as Rocinha, Vidigal, Pavão-Pavãozinho, Tavares Bastos and even the Complexo do Alemão, making your visit an actual cultural clash, a truly anthropological discovery.

Inside a favela there are several bars, botecos, restaurants with typical foods, nightclubs and eco tours with breathtaking views. Some of them have attracted famous people, from Michael Jackson to Madonna, from Alicia Keys to Sylvester Stallone, letting everyone marveled with the strength and energy of these amazing places. A favela is definitely a must see for those who really want to know the real Rio de Janeiro and mingle with the locals and their customs. An experience that will mark your life.

Jeep Tour has scheduled tours with unforgettable itineraries so you can get to know what Favelas have to offer.


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