After being used for sugarcane and coffee plantations by many years, the area was widely devastated, which caused a huge imbalance in drinking water sources. To put a halt on this shortage, King Dom Pedro II ordered a full reforestation over all area, that took thirteen years to be done, and where over 100,000 seedlings of native species were planted. This initiative have eventually transformed this public space in one of the biggest urban green area ever planted by man, a true Natural Heritage with many attractions.

The Tijuca Forest is an ideal space to promote environmental education, with its trails, lakes, fountains and caves, aside belvederes and structures for picnics, playground for children and wide range of choices for mountaineering, cycling and jogging. Furthermore, all fauna and flora found in the Tijuca National Park promote an intense connection with nature, putting the visitor in straight contact with several native species, apart from offering several waterfalls that are crowded with bathers during the summer.

With all these attractions, Tijuca National Park is hands down a must see for any tourist. The easy access and the vast diversity in leisure choices make this place a proper oasis in the city. Jeep Tour offers daily tours to the park, formed by Tijuca Rain Forest, Serra da Carioca, Pedra Bonita / Pedra da Gávea and Pretos Forros / Covanca. It is a four hours tour, with a morning and an afternoon departure.


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