The main purpose Jeep Tour was created is to promote experiences of a closer contact with nature, motivated by the awakening of a environmental preservation consciousness that has been gaining strength in recent decades. A proof of this awakening is that in 1992, the same year that Jeep Tour begun its operation, the Earth Summit took place in Rio. Called by Brazilians ECO-92, it was an important event that defined agreements for practices and ideas on ecology and sustainability to be shared by society.

Our DNA has this responsibility, focusing in ensuring future generations can continue visiting and enjoying the many natural sanctuaries we got here.


Over the years Jeep Tour has been innovating and making its tours a process of inclusion and citizenship. To do so, we have in our 43,000ft² headquarters our own workshop, which is located in the neighborhood of São Cristóvão, where we adapt ours vehicles to be accessible for wheelchair users and people with special needs, as we believe that contact with nature and city history is an asset for everybody.

Believe that more and more people can have transformative experiences through ecological and conscious tourism is more than a difference at Jeep Tour: is a truly commitment since its inception.


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